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Companies, this way

Writers, follow me


Companies, this way

Writers, follow me


You know you need to improve the copy on your platforms, but you’re not sure where to start.
You have or will soon have a UX writer, but need to figure out how and where they fit in with your teams, and how to optimise your processes
You have a current copywriter who is ready to apply their skills to UX, and needs guidance and support in making the transition.
You’re expanding your business internationally, and need support in creating the best processes for localisation.

I provide a range of workshops and consulting services to guide you.


These will allow you to:

Create streamlined, efficient processes that work for your company, your product, and your teams
Make sure that you get the necessary buy-in from all stakeholders in regards to UX writing
Prevent tension and burnout within teams due to experimental or rapid change

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We’ll have a short chat about where you’re at, where you want to go, and what problems we need to solve. From there, I can provide you with a timeline and a quote.


You find yourself doing more and more UX-focused work, you like it, and you want to gain the knowledge to move forward in this role with confidence.
You feel overwhelmed as the only product writer in your company. You want a clear, step-by-step strategy, and someone to support you as you grow in the profession.
You’re an aspiring UX writer, but don’t know quite where to start.

From ‘pick my brain’ sessions to fully tailored strategies and support, you can choose what works best for your situation and your budget.


These will allow you to:

Grow in your profession and refine your skillset
Feel supported and confident in your professional development as a UX writer
Understand and tackle challenges that come up with clients, peers and management

contact me

We’ll have a short chat about your needs and your budget, and I’ll help you figure out what service will fit best.

“Marie Anne taught me everything I know. She’s not only an amazing UX copywriter but she’s one of the more technically strong and strategic writers we’ve had. She’s masterful at taking a web of challenges and attacking it with persistence, optimism and compassion. She’s comfortable challenging whomever, whenever in order to get the job done and to do it the right way. She treats her work with great integrity and pushes us all to do the same.

Yes she’s a UX Copywriter but also a great problem solver and the kind of person you want on your side if you’ve got something complicated to sort out. Marie Anne was an irreplaceable mentor and advocate to have in my corner as a new copywriter. To this day, the copywriters onboarded by Marie Anne maintain the same tenacity, bias towards action and standard of quality that she instilled in us.”

Marly Pierre-Louis
UX Principal at Booking.com

“Marie-Anne’s one of the most dedicated and caring colleagues I’ve ever worked with. A UX champion, a strategic thinker, a friendly, approachable leader and an asset wherever she lands.

Professional, driven, empowering, an exemplar of responsibility and leadership – I learned so much from working together with her at Booking. She champions pragmatic creativity in all aspects of work, thoroughly investigating problems to create solutions that speak to long-term strategic impact, carry brand and voice forward, improve UX and optimise products and features. And while working together, I’d seen her tackle some of the hardest possible problems in a hectic environment to successfully improve the areas under her control.”

Steven Baguley
Senior UX Copywriter

“It’s rare to come across a writer like Marie-anne. In our years working together I was impressed with her ability to make complex topics (like payments and policies) user friendly and easily understandable. One project of note was an initiative she led to auto-generate Booking.com policies across 43 languages. Her strategic approach to messaging, and her fluency in several languages, enabled her to easily troubleshoot issues for not only English but translations as well. On top of being a great writer, Marie-anne is also an effective manager. No matter how challenging a project or encroaching deadline could be, she made sure that her team felt supported and capable of approaching the initiative with a smile.”

Kelly Chambers
Senior Marketing Manager, Principal UX Copywriter at Booking.com

“I met Marie-Anne at Booking and was blown away by her high level of craftsmanship, her passion, and her ability to tackle complex issues and lead cross-department initiatives. Her impeccable work ethics and compassionate leadership style made it a real privilege to work with her.

Her skills go way beyond copywriting alone: they encompass strategic thinking, organisational design, building teams and processes. This very special blend of skills makes Marie-Anne a unique asset for every project she works on, and for every organisation she works with.

I recommend her wholeheartedly. Whether you are working on the foundation of your UX strategy or looking to build a UX team and put effective processes in place, working with Marie-Anne will always bring you more than what you expect.”

Adèle Beauchamp
Life Transition Coach, previously Senior Designer and Manager at Booking.com