Meet Marie-Anne


Educated in the UK, Uganda and France, I’m a third culture kid with Polish and Czech parents. Unsurprisingly, home to me is often on the road.

My diverse upbringing granted me the privilege of cultural and linguistic fluidity while being a native English speaker with a British education.

Writing proved to be a driving force for me throughout school and university. It later matured into a profession as I discovered the weird and wonderful ways of words in the online world.

Over 6 years, I witnessed the exponential growth of one of the world’s most successful startup stories:

I contributed to the integration and evolution of one of Europe’s fastest-growing teams of UX writers, taking us from 8 to over 60 in just 3 years.

When I left the company to go freelance, I discovered a huge gap between product development teams and their writers. So I decided to do something about it.

Today I work independently with businesses of all sizes, bringing their user experience to the next level by helping them optimise their content, their processes and their teams.

Away from my keyboard or notepad, I follow my passion for fine food, rolling hills on two (bicycle) wheels and long forest walks with my rescue dog. We can usually be found either in the beautiful coastal city of La Rochelle, or roaming Europe in my 1974 608D Mercedes van.