Payments for partners: Landing page

The story of how this landing page grew with the product
Over time, products and pages evolve. I worked within the product teams at taking care of their payment platform. The landing page for partners (accommodation owners or managers) evolved as the product evolved. Each step of the way we tested the ideas, keeping those that were working and changing those that were not. This was not only to get the maximum number of partners using the platform, but also to make sure that they fully understood how to use it.

This is the basic page we started with when the product was launched*:

It started evolving as we tested both copy and design through A/B testing, user testing and feedback sessions with partners*:
The copy evolved as partner exposure increased and the selling points changed (several screens included below in chronological order):
The page also needed to evolve with the product as the way it worked and the partners we were targeting changed:
Of course, there’s much more to a product than just the landing page. I worked on the product as a whole, making sure that the microcopy across the platform was coherent in style, tone and terminology.


*Some older images were taken during development and have highlights – you can ignore these colourful boxes!